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    Responding to the sincere urge of the local youth community, the authorities of the Midnapore College (a Govt. Sponsored one) arranged for imparting instruction in commerce subjects at the Intermediate level during the evening hours from the academic session 1959-1960 initiating the move for broadening the field of academic activities in the head quarters of the long politically neglected the then undivided Midnapore district. Having left expedient, it sought for the affiliation of the University of Calcutta for teaching commerce subjects at the undergraduate level and also moved the Government accordingly. The Government, however, could not approve the move; as such an extension in academic instructions in commerce was not in conformity with the academic sanction for a Government sponsored college. Without getting let down the students community, the elites of the town, veteran educationists and the Principal of the Midnapore College Sri P.N.Ghosh aided by the District magistrate Sri B.B. Mandal forged ahead to establish a separate college for teaching commerce subjects. The authorities of the Midnapore College agreed to allow the use of their campus and infrastructure facilities for the purpose till a separate campus could be built up and the University of Calcutta was moved for necessary affiliation. After an on-the-spot inspection and scrutiny in January, 1961 University of Calcutta granted her affiliation to the proposed college of commerce, Midnapore in July and the newly established college came into existence on 1st August, 1961 and commenced imparting instructions from 10th August, 1961 under the remarkable stewardship of Principal B. K. Banerjee, a brilliant alumnus of the University of Calcutta, an erudite scholar and a formidable administrator of foresight.


    The college sent its first batch of examinees for the B.Com Degree Examination in 1963 of whom one came out with a first class honours, the general percentage of success being quite above the overall percentage of the university the same year. With the introduction of the three year Bachelor’s degree course in commerce the college moved the University of Calcutta for permission to impart instruction up to the Honours standard and after a spot Inspection the University granted necessary affiliation for the same in 1965. Gradually the roll strength swelled and the college started growing in structure and academic excellence bringing up in its trend a greater need for its own campus for further improvement with extension of the facilities for the vibrant learners. With unflinching efforts the college succeeded in securing a laudable donation of a big one storied pucca spacious building with adjoining land in all measuring nearly two bighas, in the heart of the town in 1965 from one Rajah Ranjit Kishore Sinha Sahas Roy, the scion of the erstwhile Ramgarh of the district. In tune with the terms of the donation, the college was renamed as “Kaibalya Dayini College of Commerce” after the name of the donor’s revered mother Rajmata Kaibalya Dayini Devi and necessary approval of the University of Calcutta was obtained. After carrying out necessary renovation and extension with construction of the first floor the college shifted to its own present campus in July, 1967. With a campus of its own offering greater administrative freedom and larger span of time available for academic activities, classes particularly for the Honours classes were started during the day time retaining a section for the pass courses in the evening to cope with an upsurge in the roll strength exceeding twelve hundred. Later, however, with a gradual fall in roll strength in the evening Section, continuance of the same could no more be considered worthwhile and as such were discontinued from the fag end of the seventies.

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